Chris Brown is a loyal customer of auto shop RDB LA. He customized many of his vehicles there and his widebody kit Bentley Bentayga is covered in two-tone army green wrap. Hinted in several videos on RDB LA’s YouTube channel, Chris Brown’s wide Bentley Bentayga is finally ready to turn some heads on the streets. Chris Brown has
Owned by the Volkswagen Group, the peeps at Bentley have issued stop sale and stop delivery orders for certain 2021 – 2022 Bentayga vehicles. The British automaker has also filed a safety recall with the National Highway Traffic Administration for 1,923 examples of the breed, of which 50 percent are believed to feature incorrectly installed second-row seats. Bentley was
We’d expect tuners such as Mansory to go wild on the cabins (and sadly not only) of high-end models, such as the Bentley Bentayga Speed, only this one comes from The Platinum Group. Shared on their social media page, with a short caption stating the obvious, this is truly one ‘business on the outside, party on the
Buzz Lightyear–or Darth Vader–would love this space-themed Bentayga that was built for one Bentley customer. The 2022 Bentley Bentayga Space Edition is a bespoke model built by Mulliner, the brand’s in-house design division, for one special customer. The Space Edition wears a special greenish-gray Cypress paint job with orange accents inspired by comets’ dust trails. The Bentley’s space theme
We don’t want to say that this tuned Bentley Flying Spur is ugly, because it isn’t, not compared to other crazy cars that have been signed by Mansory, but it doesn’t look better than the stock car. Shared on social media in the first days of spring in the northern hemisphere, this Bentley Flying Spur was photographed in the
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The latest work by Mansory is a new Bentley Bentayga Speed which is exclusively based on the W12 version of Bentayga. Mansory refined the Bentayga Speed with a complete conversion which includes almost all body components, all the changes are made using carbon materials manufactured in the company’s own autoclaves and are finished by Mansory’s