The new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (EWB) is launching in Qatar with the creation of a special edition series – the ‘Qatar Editions by Mulliner’. Bentley Mulliner excels in the creation of unique and one-off commissions, which are handcrafted and personalised, representing the ultimate in Bentley luxury; and for the arrival of the Bentley flagship in

Bentley’s, Bentayga Belgian Equestrian

The Bentley Equestrian Collection is a unique line of luxury SUVs that was designed with Belgian equestrians in mind. The collection features bespoke interior details and exterior elements that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of equestrian enthusiasts. The British marque has always been known for its luxurious vehicles, and the new Equestrian Collection
Do you drive a Bently Bentayga? If you do, you no doubt have the moolah to blow on accessories for your various non-office activities. Some prefer sailing, golfing, or country club cruising, while others prefer far colder winter sports like skiing. For those people, the Bomber for Bentley ICE Edition set of ski gear is
It took Manhart nearly seven years to add the Bentley Bentayga to its portfolio, and while it’s not exactly ready, they have officially announced their intention to launch an upgrade package for the luxury SUV born in Crewe. Set to join the Continental GT Supersports as the second Bentley in their catalogue, it will be instantly recognizable as something
Almost half a year after its official presentation, Bentley has now commenced the series production of the Bentayga EWB (Extended Wheelbase) at its Crewe facility, in the United Kingdom. Increasing the brand’s range to five models, it offers “the best rear cabin experience since the Mulsanne,” Bentley says. Moreover, since it accounted for roughly 40% of the

Bentley Bentayga Belgian Equestrian

The Bentley Bentayga Belgian Equestrian Collection is a new special edition built for Belgium. Bentley first launched this collection in Munich on July 2022, and it was created as a tribute to professional show jumping. The Bently Bentayga Belgian Equestrian was developed in cooperation between Bentley’s Belgian merchants, the Mulliner customization sector, Stephex, horse transportation,