ETG ECU Upgrade for Bentley Bentayga GT V8


– Horsepower: 611 (+111 HP)
– Torque: 560 LB-FT (+73 LB-FT)



ETG’s proprietary software for the Bentley Continental GT V8 & V8 S maximizes vehicle performance, without compromising safety, reliability, or comfort.

ECU tuning refers to rewriting or remapping the software in your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to improve the vehicle’s performance and/or responsiveness. The manufacturer generally uses conservative maps in the ECU to allow for slight variations across motors, poor fuel quality, and inadequate maintenance or neglect by owners.

By uploading new software to the ECU we can make adjustments to engine parameters. On most vehicles, we will also adjust the throttle maps for better throttle response, transmission maps for quicker shifts, raise the rev limiter, and remove the speed governor.

– Increase in Horsepower and Torque
– Reprogram Throttle Maps for Improved Throttle Response
– Reprogram Transmission Maps for Quicker Shifts
– Increased Exhaust Volume in 2nd & 3rd Gear
– Raise Rev Limiter
– Remove Speed Governor
– Undetectable at Dealership (most vehicles)
– Vehicle Can Be Put Back to ‘Stock’ Upon Request
– Complimentary Re-flashing of ECU included, if Dealer Reprograms ECU

Stock HP = Stock TQ
500 HP = 487 LB-FT

Max HP – 611 HP
Max TQ – 560 LB-FT
HP Gain – 111 HP
TQ Gain – 73 LB-FT
Type – Bench Flash
Octane – 91
Price – $2995
Installation – Bench Flash*

*We can tune this vehicle on-site, via OBD, but the Bench Flash makes more power.

**Installation prices vary with vehicle (e.g., supercharged), product type (flash vs. module), and location.

OBD: We come to home or office, or you come to the shop, and we re-program your vehicle’s ECU through the OBD port.
Performance Module: This is a piggyback Engine Control Unit. The part is shipped to you for plug-n-play installation.
Bench Flash: The ECU is shipped to us via overnight delivery. We re-program the ECU and overnight back to you. Alternately, we can come to your home or office, remove the ECU, bench flash, and then come back to reinstall the computer.
Handheld Tuner: We ship a small handheld tuner (HHT) that contains the modified file. You upload the modified file through the vehicle’s OBD port. You will have the stock file and modified file on the HHT, so you can switch back between stock and modified at any time.

1) Performance gains may vary based on temperature, climate conditions, and fuel quality.
2) Vehicle and product images are used for information purposes only, and may not depict actual vehicle or product.
3) Prices and performance specs are subject to change without notice.
4) West Coast ECU Tuning, LLC. is not responsible for typographical errors.



Disclaimer: This part may be considered a Special Order if custom-made, low volume, or not something we generally stock. There may be a cost for Air Freight, Customs, Taxes, and Duties. Your card will not be charged during Checkout; only an Authorization will be obtained. If necessary, we will contact you with details before processing the order.  Please review our Terms & Conditions before ordering.


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