STARTECH Widebody for Bentley Bentayga




– STARTECH Widebody, 18 Piece, consisting of add-on parts for bumpers, Fenders and doors, PUR R-RIM, only in combination with part number BY636-200-00 and BY636-400-00
– only for Bentayga before facelift 2020

– Piece

– only in combination with BY636-200-00 and BY636-400-00, suitable for Diesel, V8 and W12, not for Bentayga facelift (type 4V)

The STARTECH body styling for the Bentley Bentayga has a modular design. As a result, the new front and rear bumpers can be upgraded to the even more thrilling widebody version with the sweeping STARTECH WIDEBODY fender flares. The attachments on the front and rear axle feature clever detail solutions such as the stylized air outlets on the rear wheel arches, and give the five-door car an even more athletic appearance.
The thrilling STARTECH widebody version also includes side panels for the doors. They give the SUV a lower visual stance and form an aerodynamically optimized transition between the front and rear wheel wells.



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